Friday, January 09, 2015

Lady Bird Johnson Grove

 Lindsey, Eliza, Benjamin, William, and I took a trip to Lady Bird Johnson Grove over the holidays.  We wanted to show Eliza a beautiful grove of Redwoods.
 As we were driving north, we were in and out of pockets of fog.  Lady Bird Johnson Grove was pretty socked in with fog....and it was gorgeous!

 I've visited in all kinds of weather, and I don't think I've ever  been disappointedl  It's just so beautiful!
 William fell asleep as we drove up.  I carried him for awhile..until I gave out!  He was not wanting to walk saying "my shoes will get dirty."  This was totally NOT like William, who usually is running. 
 It didn't take too long...and then he was down and running.  I think he stopped at least 3 times to use the bathroom.  You have to understand, the hike around the grove is only 1.25 miles!

 Benjamin was...inspired?
 There is a trunk of a redwood that has been carved into a chair.  We took advantage of this!


 This is one of the classic pictures we take when we visit...holding hands around a tree!

On our way home, we stopped to see some elk.

It was a gorgeous day at Lady Bird Johnson Grove!

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Amazing pictures!