Wednesday, August 23, 2006

A Couple of Camilla's Men

Camilla has some special people in her life...but this is just about two. I pondered the name of the post...should I say "Men"? One I know for sure, the other...well, he would probably call himself a man.

This is referring to John...John is Camilla's brother. She loves him SO much, looks up to him, adores him, gets so incredibly angry with him, pretends to stab him with knives, and even put a crab claw on his pillow - KNOWING he is FRIGHTFULLY SCARED of crab. This is something he doesn't like (that he's afraid of crab) but one he will definitely admit.

John is also a wildman. He has more energy than...well, I don't know what to compare him to. Unfortunately, his wildness caught up with him this weekend. John and his buddy, Jeff, went to a resort with Jeff's parents. John and Jeff were on the golf course racing (I don't know if John would use the term 'racing', but I would assume that is the correct term). Well, John the wildman was driving. He's only 15, which might explain, but he knew he was getting ready to CRASH the golf cart into some ROCKS???? (Yes, question marks need to go there.) So, Jeff braced himself for the crash, but not John...nope, he jumped out of the moving cart. Apparently the cart ran over his foot AND pinned it between the wheel and the rock. Can't help but love John!

The other man, in the title "A Couple of Camilla's Men" is her grandfather - Farris. Now Farris is remarkable. He and I share the same birthday...although I told him he WAS older than me - like by 30 years. But you'd never know it.

Now most of us would agree that Grandfather's are special people...but I think Farris is more special than most. Rema is his only daughter. She has a special look when she talks about her 'Daddy' and I think if Camilla was mad at the world, she wouldn't consider being mad at her grandfather.

Farris is on the go...he just had Wildman John and his buddy, Josh, visiting for two weeks. Thank goodness he had a little help in entertaining these two guys.

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Anonymous said...

Well I can see John won't be getting his drivers license for a while, Ah Judy Love you #1 teacher!!!!

Luv Kellie