Saturday, August 12, 2006

A lot of good news about Camilla!

Two big tests have come back and they both have been EXACTLY what we wanted to hear! The first was called a 'chimerism.' This measures the DNA of the cells in her bone marrow. Because Rema was the donor of Camilla's 2nd transplant, what we wanted the chimerism to show was that her cells were '100% Donor 2 cells'...and they were! This is HUGE!

The second test was a CT scan to check her lungs from the pneumonia. They had been told that it wouldn't show any improvement for at least 3 weeks...wrong. It showed a great improvement.

Here is Camilla with her kitty, Embers. On the right is her buddies, James, Cody, and of course, Camilla.

More good news...I think today will be day 4 that Camilla is able to eat. She's not eating much, but she's eating...meat sticks and drinking a little. Plus, she's walking. Now, if you ask Camilla how she's doing, she'll tell you she's NOT doing good. My translation of this is...she's feeling good enough to realize how rotten she feels. A frustration she has right now is she will crave a food...and then when she gets it, it doesn't taste good to her. Her taste buds have been affected from the chemo...this happened before, but it's still frustrating.

One more piece of good news...When I posted about Camilla 'engrafting' on Day 10...that was when the neutrophils (is that how you spell it??? the white blood cells) took hold and began to make cells. But there is another 'engraftment' that happens and that is with platelets. Well, for Camilla this happened on Day 14, which according to Dr. Horowitz was not good...or great...but EXTRAORDINARY!

Dr. Horowitz said that at this stage of transplant, EVERYTHING is PERFECT! This is exactly what we love to hear. Camilla is now completely off her pain meds...and if everything keeps going along...she and Rema will leave the hospital Sunday and go home to Target House.

It's great to post such good news!!!


Tammy said...

wonderful news!!
Rejoicing with you and praying that all goes smoothly!!

Judy said...

Thank you, Tammy! Camilla has been battling leukemia for over 2 1/2 years...and she's just now 11 years old. She's a fighter. Thank you for your prayers!

Phyllis Savell said...

I have been praying daily for little Camilla, and am so thankful to read that everything is going textbook-perfect....and that she and her Mom will soon leave for Target House. Keep your wonderful upbeat spirit and determination, dear child! God loves you!
Phyllis Savell

somershade said...

Praying God's healing in faith believing over beautiful Camilla.

Judy said...

Phyllis & Somershade...thank you for checking in and for your prayers for Camilla! She IS doing well but has a LONG road ahead until she can come home. (She has to stay at St. Jude at least 100 days after transplant.)

Beverly said...

Dear Judy,
I'm going to copy here if I can Doris's note about Jarrod. He lives in Jacksonville with his parents; his aunt is in Bradenton.To my praying friends,
After so much good news, I was totally shocked today to hear that Jarrod is doing worse. He is so bad that the drs. decided that he should go to St. Judes in Memphis. He and his dad will be flown there on Sun. Mom, little brother, and Grandpa (my brother) will drive there on Sun. Surgery will be on Tues. to clean up what they can of the brain tumors. After that he will receive radiation. St. Judes has treated over 200 patients with this type of cancer. Jarrod was number 5 at Wishon Childrens in Jacksonville.
After he is out of ICU, his dad and brother will go back to Jacksonville. The good part about St. Judes is that they accept what the insurance pays. They will also provide housing for the family, food vouchers and a shuttle back and forth to the hospital.
All I can say is keep praying. God is able.

He was able to be home for a while, but now is back. I'm not sure what they're doing this time. He's six and has been through so much.

Have a good school year. I'm a retired teacher, and I'm liking that.

Judy said...

Beverly, how long have you been retired? I'm trying not to be jealous! I could easily fill my days and never walk into the school...but I know I'd miss the kids, at least right now. Please keep me posted about Jarrod. It's amazing how cheerful of a place St. Jude is with all the wonder the word on so much of their merchandise says HOPE!

Beverly said...

Hi, Judy,
Jarrod's last name is Mulligan. Right now he's an outpatient at Grizzley House, but Doris said that he goes to the Target House for activities.

I don't know his family personally...just his aunt Doris.

Anonymous said...

Gooooo Camilla. We love to here the good news. Still thinking about you here in San Diego.
Josh and Family