Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Summer is winding down

I think it's true to say that summer is winding down. I don't want it to be true, but it is.

This has been a busy summer for me traveling to a couple of other trips down to see the kids. But one of the sure signs for me that summer is closing is going back to school to get my classroom ready. Yesterday I went...I told myself I'd only stay 2 hours...well, I think I was there 4, but I got a lot done. Some of my girlfriends were there....Pam, Elaine, Lynne...they're some of my best buddies and one of the great things about school starting back.

My daughter-in-law, Emily, is excited about summer coming to an end. She has just gotten her FIRST TEACHING JOB! YEAH EMILY!!! Yep, she will be teaching 6th grade reading and social studies. I know her kids will absolutely adore her. This past weekend while Ron and I were down visiting, Emily took me to see her new classroom. It was probably just as much fun for me as it was for her. All the excitement of a new teacher...a brand new room to decorate...the promise of a group of kids that hopefully you can make an impact on. I'm so very proud of her!


Tammy said...

Congrats to Emily!
My daughter is a home school teacher and she is very excited too...grandson is 1st grade and granddaughter is preschool...they have lots of fun and lots of learning all year!

Judy said...

Yep! I am SO proud of her. She's going to be an awesome teacher!
Two grandkids! I know my time is coming for more grandkids and I will be excited when it does! We have one granddaughter, Thalia, who is going into 2nd grade! Aren't they fun?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Judy! You have been an amazing inspiration to me and your support means the world to me! That was really fun to read.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Emms! I'll make you a big paddle to handle those "not so nice" kids. What do you think mom? LOL
Josh (The son who thinks a paddle would be a great teachers gift)

Judy said...

Now Joshua...a paddle? Um? I bet you wouldn't have said that when you were in school! lol

Anonymous said...

Yes Congrats to Emily. She is doing great! You got it Josh. Now that I'm older I think the paddle is a good idea too. Little animals.

Gabe (the son who thinks teachers are a gift from God)

Isn't that what you told me to say Emily?

Judy said...

Sounds like Emily is training you well, Gabe! Perfect statement!