Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A New School Year

A new school year has started! I was dragging my heals before the first day...not wanting the summer days to end. But something happens on that first day when all those fresh faces walk into the classroom...they are so eager, so excited, and often, so nervous!

As a teacher, we spend more of a child's waking hours with them than their parents - hopefully - if they're going to bed at a decent hour! We get so close to those little people...so protective of them.

But now my routine is changed...it has to be more structured so I can get everything done. I do have one major rebellion on my hands, however. HE does not like this new change of routine. HE has gone to HIDING in the morning when he knows it's about time for me to leave.

Guess who?


Anonymous said...

Eskie is THE best!!!!!

His good buddy E

Judy said...

You're right, Laner...he IS the best, but he's getting an attitude in his older age. This morning I came downstairs and he was laying ON TOP OF DISHES I had just washed by hand. So I put him down...went back upstairs...came back down and he was hiding in the cabinet BEHIND the trash sack. Gotta love him!!

Rachel said...

Eskie is sooo cute!!

Gabe said...

While it is true that a teacher spends more time with a child during the awake hours... however it begs the question of whether its better to be with your child when awake or asleep at that age???

Ole' Eskie. He never dissapoints!

Anonymous said...

Eskie is like a person who is getting a little older, they think they can get by with things they coudnt when they were younger. go for it Eskie. Your grandma