Friday, August 04, 2006


Rema called today as Ron and I were driving to Lindseys to tell me the great news... CAMILLA ENGRAFTED today! Her white blood cell count went up to 2700 today...unbelievable! One of her doctors said he had seen one patient engraft this soon, and the other doctor has never seen anyone engraft this soon! Today is Day 10 after transplant.

Now however,Camilla is feeling worse. One of the reasons for this is because her bone marrow is working to produce cells (HEALTHY CELLS!) that is causing excruciating pain in her bones. Plus, the mucusitus is worse. Now that she has white blood cells, it will take a few days at least for it to start to work against the mucusitus. She's still miserable, she's actually at the end of her rope, Rema said. I cannot fathom what she is going through...but I am so thankful that there is some good, it's GREAT news!

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