Sunday, August 20, 2006

Vacationing with my girlfriends

What a great time my girlfriends and I had this week! One of us, Terri, has a cabin at the lake - lucky Terri! Fortunately, she loves her girlfriends and we (well, 7/10 of us) left Wednesday and headed for the cabin. 7/10? Well, only 7 of us went...and 2 more came Thursday evening and had to leave Friday morning. Now that should tell you how close we all are...those 2 drove 2 1/2 hours to eat dinner, dance, visit, sleep, eat breakfast, drink coffee, and visit some more...and then drive 2 1/2 hours back! Unfortunately, we didn't have Sandi.

I'm not sure what I would do without my girlfriends. As I said, (or I think I said) on an earlier post, we've been GREAT friends for...something like 14-15 years. We get together once a month and always go somewhere in the summer. Probably our favorite get-aways have been on a houseboat. This trip to Terri's cabin ranks way up there for RELAXATION! I think one day, we stayed on the porch in our pjs for 8 hours!
We're relaxed, we're comfortable, we're enjoying ourselves on a beautiful summer morning!

Friends need to help friends figure out how their cameras work!

This is all 9 of us before Terry and Anne had to take off. Then Pam and I are relaxing reading Lorna Landvik books...notice Pam's bookmark?

Ron called one day and asked if we'd been out in the boat..."Nope" I answered. "WHY NOT?"...he couldn't understand. "Well, we're just visiting and relaxing..." there was no use in trying to explain...he wouldn't have understood. We did eventually hop in Terri's car and head down to the lake to swim for a while...but we never did take the boat out!Terri is THE driver!

Lynne climbed in the back of Terri's car so we could all fit in to head to the lake. Pam and I had to take our annual photo together.
Laner (on the left) and Jake (right) take pictures of me taking pictures of I said, we were just relaxing in our pjs!
Here are 7/10 of us. Terry took the photo as she and Anne were leaving...and like I said, we missed Sandi for the whole weekend:(

I remember my mom use to tell me when I was growing up that I should count myself fortunate if I have one really close, dear friend. Well, I have 9 of them! I think the word to describe it is 'blessed.'


Anonymous said...

great pictures Judy Len

Anonymous said...

how fun. You got to relax right before school starts!

Rachel said...

I think you are so right!! What fun this would be!! What a great group and to get together so often. Wonderful.