Thursday, October 11, 2007

Here's a little sweetheart....

Meet my friend, Karen. (She IS a sweetheart, but not the 'little sweetheart' as per the title of this post! Keep reading...)

Many readers of this blog already know Karen, and many of you have just heard me talk about her.

See Karen smile?

It didn't last long...

at least not for the next TWO DAYS WHILE SHE WAS IN LABOR!

Karen will probably never believe me again. I had told her how I had LOVED having babies. Well, Karen didn't have the thrilling, quick, uncomplicated, delightful birthing experience I had told her about.

However, Karen is now ALL SMILES, and will undoubtably tell you that it was absolutely all worth it...because....

Meet Jack Dillon! Oh my gosh, this is one precious little man! Todd, the EXTREMELY PROUD PAPA, (who already has 73 photos of Jack in his wallet!) told me that when Jack was born, he came out looking around and stayed awake and checking out this new world for 7 HOURS!

I FINALLY got to meet Jack...I got to hold him, and kiss his little head. (Is there anything sweeter than kissing a little baby's head?) Isn't he precious?

Jack is the "little sweetheart" in the title of this post, but you probably already figured that out!

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