Monday, October 29, 2007

My baby brother is EXCITED!

Yep, he is.

You see, his first child, his first son, his baby boy is getting married.

Now my brother will be in his element...he is what you might call a 'social person.' 'The more the merrier' is a term he probably says or thinks quite often.

His dear wife, my wonderful sister-in-law, Becky, will probably be an excited nervous wreck. She'll worry ... but she'll have a big smile on her face the whole time.

Now, my nephew... um? Gabe and I were talking about that tonight. How will he be? Not sure.

Sami, my niece, will be flitting around. Do you know what 'flitting' means? I don't either, but it sounds like the right word to use when I think of how I THINK Sami will be.

Yep, it'll be a fun time...

It won't just be my baby brother that's excited, we'll all be. Isn't it amazing how time kids grow up so fast! Looking at these photos of Addison, it doesn't seem possible that he's getting married!

Becky, Lindsey holding Addison (2 weeks & 5 days old) - that's Uncle Charlie on the right.
This photo was taken in that would make Addison about 4 months old.Here he is a little older, well, quite a bit older. This was taken in June, let's see, that would make Sami 7 years old - almost 8 and Addison about 11! John David is just plain old, and Becky is a spry young thing!

Fast forward another 9 years, and here Addison is again on the Golden Gate Bridge...only this time, he's with Kasi - his soon to be bride!

(*Well, what do you know!
flit /flit/ v. flitted, flitting, flits to move quickly, (syn) to dart: Some birds flit from flower to flower.


Anonymous said...

Sweetie, your blogs just keep getting better. I love this one so much. Time does fly and yet it seems only yesterday when Addison was born. You're right. We'll have a ball. Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Judy, thanks for the great blog. You have it mixed up! Becky is the social person and I am the quiet one. Ha Ha

Love ya,


Anonymous said...

Judy, Thank you so much. You made me cry. They grow up so fast! Love you, Becky

Anonymous said...

Aunt Juits!!
I am so excited about the wedding. It's hard to believe that the wedding is in 25 or so days! I look forward to FLITTING around with you and the family!!
I love you aunt judy..oh yeah tell uncle bird I said I love him too!



but you're still my most favorite aunt in all of california!

Gabe & Emily said...

Look at those baby blue shorts!! Lookin' good baby!!!! Can't wait to see you all.

Gabe & Emily

Judy said...

Oh geez, Sami, you know what they always say about 18th birthday presents that get sent through the mail!

Anonymous said...

Gabe and Emily,

They are not blue but a beautiful color of GREEN.

Love ya,


Anonymous said...

I loved reading that and seeing all those pictures! I'm so excited about seeing everyone! Can't wait!