Tuesday, October 02, 2007

My Baby Boy is ... well, he's 29 years old now!

I can hardly believe that Gabe is 29 years old. He told me this wasn't a 'big deal' birthday...but every birthday is a big deal to me.

My friend, Karen, just had her first son - Jack - on Sunday. As she was in the hospital waiting for Jack to get as uncomfortable as she was so he'd come out, I was talking about being pregnant and having Gabe. See, Karen gained 60 lbs...but I had her beat since I gained 62 pounds with Gabe.

Anyway... it was fun to relive that time in our life, especially with October 2nd just around the corner!

Gabe was...well, he wasn't the easiest child. He had a temper... he liked to scream ... he did NOT like to sleep much. Poor Joshua had to stop taking naps because his baby brother was too noisy. So Ron and I had to constantly stay on Gabe - we couldn't let up. Now I look at the man he turned out to be...and I am so grateful. I hope Emily feels the same way!

Gabe always played hard - as evidenced by this picture. It's one of my all time favorite pictures of him because it typifies a lot of who he was as a little guy.

Ron and I were at the hospital about an hour before he was born. He came out weighing 9 lbs 9.5 oz. and he was 23.5 " long. I remember the nurse putting a little blanket over him after he was born. They had it up around his shoulders...then they moved it down to cover his feet...then moved it back up to cover his shoulders...until FINALLY someone said, 'My gosh, let's measure this boy.' He was too big for the little blanket.

We only stayed at the hospital about 2 hours after he was born. Joshua was about an hour and a half away and I wanted to get to him so he could see his new baby brother! First we stopped at Wendy's for Ron to get something to eat. Gabe thinks THIS INCIDENT is why he likes fast food. Um? good excuse, I guess.

Here's a proud 2 1/2 year old Joshua holding his new brother. You can see how happy he is!

This is Gabe at 2 weeks old. Notice the shirt? I don't think he's still a Cowboy fan, but his Saddy sure is.

I'm not positive how old he is here...not much, maybe a month?
Fast forward a number of years... Joshua - with Erica & Thalia, Gabrial - with Emily, and Lindsey - with Donnie. They mean everything to Ron and I.

Happy Birthday, Gabe!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Gabe. Love ya.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday again Gabe. You are loved so much. Saddie

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, You are the MAN

Love ya,

Uncle John and Aunt Becky says she loves you and Happy Birthday.

Gabe said...

Thank you all. A very nice bday it was. Cant wait to see you guys!!