Monday, October 01, 2007

My Very Favorite Aunt

My Aunt Jane has always been my very favorite aunt. Truthfully, she's always been my only aunt, but if I had 100 aunts, she'd still be my favorite.

She tells me I'm her favorite niece.

Aunt Jane is my mom's sister, her baby sister. They called themselves Jane Lee and Bonnie Woo (Lou).
Here is Aunt Jane and I in our front yard. Aunt Jane tried to teach me how to swim...probably not on this day, but when I got older.
Here's Aunt Jane and Uncle Charlie. I don't know if they were married yet - they may have been "courting"!
One of my favorite pictures. This is Mimi holding me with Aunt Jane beside her.

I grew up with Aunt Jane and Uncle Charlie being an everyday part of my life. We lived in the same city. Aunt Jane and Uncle Charlie have 2 kids - well, guess I shouldn't call them kids, but my cousins, Patti and Ray.

My Aunt Jane hasn't been in the best health for quite awhile, but she still is positive, happy, and tells my mom she's not worried, that she knows God is in control. That's my Aunt Jane.

Yesterday, Mom, John David & Becky all went to see Aunt Jane. She lives about 2 + hours away from Mom. They all went out to Red Lobster for lunch - including my cousin, Patti, and her two daughters, Elizabeth and Grits...I mean, Emily.

GRITS is a hoot! She's always makes me SMILE...she came out to visit one time and wore a baseball cap with GRITS on the front. It stands for Girls Raised In The South.

Thankfully, Elizabeth took some photos - sent them to my brother - who sent them to me - who happens to be a blogging fiend and .... here they are!
Elizabeth, Grits (Emily), Mom, Aunt Jane, Uncle Charlie, Patti, John David, Becky

Patti, Mom, John David, Becky, Grits, Uncle Charlie with Aunt Jane in front.

What a smile, Aunt Jane! I wish I could have been there.


Anonymous said...

Judy, I wish Jane could see this blog. It would mean so much to her as it does to me. This is so very special. Thank you. I love you, Mom

Judy said...

I wonder if they have computers where she is??? If you think about it, ask her next time you talk to her.

Anonymous said...

Juju,I can print the pictures to show to Mama. We had such a wonderful time that Sunday afternoon. Thank you for sharing our joy with the world!

Patti Jane

Anonymous said...

Judy, great job! You are my favorite sister.



Anonymous said...

I love my Aunt Jane, she is such a sweetie. Like Patti said, she is a joy! Love, Becky