Friday, October 26, 2007

She would be 13 years old today

13 years ago today she was born to Rema and Dick
John had a baby sister
Today, she would have become a teenager.

I've been thinking about her non-stop...mostly trying to focus on happy times, thinking of her laughing, plotting against her brother, loving Embers, enjoying her friends.

I decided to post some photos from her last 2 birthdays...

This was last year. She actually was still in Memphis on October 26th, so we celebrated once she got home and settled. This was on November 18th, 2006.

These last two were taken October 26, 2005, her 11th birthday. This last one with her holding the knife to John, is one of my favorite photos. To me, it so shows her fun-loving side.

I miss her...

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Dana said...

hey judy
i miss her too. and those pictures are great. i love them. i hope to hear from you soon i feel like it woul dbe good to see each other soon, email if you know it or just call