Sunday, October 14, 2012

Breakfast with the big boys

 I can't just call Benjamin and Emerson 'the boys'...because William is definitely one of 'the boys' now!  So I decided they would be the 'big boys'....  Joshua and Gabrial may disagree with that?

When we were at Lindsey's, the 'big boys', Lindsey and I went out to breakfast.  Donnie stayed home with a sleeping William. The boys split a waffle...

 "That was good, Mimi!" said my eldest 'big boy'....  (He's the eldest by 17 days)

Once they finished eating, they discovered this little sitting area near our table.
 The chairs swiveled...not all the way around, but partially...then it would swivel back.
 With Benjamin on the chair, Emerson would push the chair and as they passed each other, they'd either laugh...or say 'hi' or 'bye' was adorable...
 They had so much fun...
 and as you can see, they were so happy to be playing together..

I felt a little...well, not sure, but felt a little funny taking my camera into the restaurant...but am so glad I did!  I love these 'big boys'!


jujabbo said...

Cute, can't wait to go out to breakfast again this weekend!

Anonymous said...

Mom & I absolutely love these pictures of the boys! They are getting so big & so handsome!
We love you & miss you!