Sunday, October 21, 2012

Google Earth

 Last time we were at Lindsey's, Donnie was showing the 'big boys' something on Google Earth...or I think that's what it was. 
They were very interested in whatever it was he was showing them...and I was very interested in how adorable they were standing there listening! 

We were together these past two days... I'm looking forward to getting the photos off my camera and on to the computer.   I had People to People interviews all, my guy had a birthday!  He turned 59 yesterday!  There was no blog....because I had no keyboard on my computer until Friday afternoon! 

Happy Birthday to my best friend!


Anonymous said...

Have trouble telling them apaart from the rear. They seem to be growing at the same rate. Love them both. Saddie

Anonymous said...

What....Jutze, where was my courtesy phone call. Well Happy Birthday Dad and I love you.


Judy said...

oops! so so sorry, Joshua! I was in interviews all day Saturday...then came back to the hotel to a room full of little men..and I completely forgot. We went to the park for the boys to play...then went to dinner...and didn't get back to the hotel till probably around 9 p.m.