Wednesday, October 10, 2012


 Benjamin and Emerson had so much fun playing together!  I heard them both at times, telling the other one that "I missed you!"  It was incredibly sweet.  They did this game, "Bridge" both Saturday night and Sunday morning.  (Sept 29 & 30). 
 They laughed...and laughed...and talked in some language I had never heard...
 You can hear Emerson in the second video saying, "What the heck?"  He said it approximately 79 times over the time we were there.  Benjamin started saying it some too.

Besides "what the heck" was "you're making me nervous."  I had said that to Benjamin multiple times when he was jumping on the trampoline and getting too close to the edge for me.  I'd ask him to jump in closer because "You're making me nervous!"  I'm not sure how many times I said it to him, and then later, when his daddy was swinging him incredibly high, I asked Donnie to stop because, "You're making me nervous."  Well, next thing I knew, Benjamin was saying things were making him nervous....or asking me if something was making me nervous!

While they were playing "Bridge," they repeated these two phrases so many times! 
I hope and pray they always stay 'buddies'... and continue to enjoy being together...having fun together!

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