Thursday, November 02, 2006

Camilla comes home!

November 1st was a great day...Camilla came home! Her plane landed at 6 and there were quite a few friends out to greet her. She has been looking so forward to this day...and she said it was 'perfect'.

From the airport, everyone came to Camilla's. We had a toast of Martinelli's Sparkling Cider to welcome her home...and we had cake and cookies. How wonderful it was to hear her laughing, smiling, and just being so extremely happy.

As the night went on...the crowd started thinning out. Dick was worn out...but Camilla was going strong. She was happy. Two of her friends I was taking home, so we stayed a bit longer. Cody and Dana, two of Camilla's friends!

Camilla, we're all so glad you're home!

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Anonymous said...

Camilla, you don't know me....but I have you in my special prayers....
and I am so thankful that you are now home again.