Monday, November 27, 2006

Pink is the new Softball Color

Thanksgiving continues with this post...

Joshua and Erica let Thalia open one of her Christmas presents when we were there...only Josh selected the one to open. Pink bats, pink balls, pink mits...this was a first for me. Thalia loved it. We all went over to the park and let her hit and throw. She's good...she's really good...I'm sure anyone would say that...not just cause I'm a Mimi!

She had some instruction from Josh and her Papa...I was simply there to cheer and take pictures.

Thanksgiving, 2006

Besides playing softball, Thalia did a little skating. OF COURSE, her skates are PINK...She also has an absolutely extravagant headband that she "made all by myself!" - and can you guess what color that is? Yep, PINK!

Now you may notice her 'hair' looks a little different in this second photo. She wanted to wear her wig...and have me take a photo...and she REALLY likes this picture!

Thanksgiving Day was wonderful! We spent the day at Erica's parent's new home. How special to be with a new part of our family. Pedro and Lizbeth are Erica's parents...her nephew, Jake, who is 6 was also there.

Erica and Lizbeth............................................Pedro, Joshua, Ron


Anonymous said...

I love these pictures of Thalia. Pink is suppose to be a color of calmness. Thalia, maybe, we can play some baseball Christmas, okay? I've taught most of my grankids baseball. So now, I can teach you. I know Josh is trying but he doesn't have knack(ha). Has Josh lost some weight?

Judy said...

Joshua lost weight? I don't think so...He'll love that you ask that! I've been trying to put a video of Thalia hitting on the blog...but so far, Google Video isn't releasing the video. She's good...but I'm sure she could learn a lot from her Saddie!

Anonymous said...

Judy, I was reading the blog again and looking at the pictures. I think Jake looks like little charlie did at that age.

Judy said...

You're right, he's small like Charlie. I hadn't thought about it until I read your comment, but I definitely agree! Very cute...very sweet little guy. Can you play the videos on your computer?

Anonymous said...

Judy, I don't know about the videos. Are they CDs?

Gabe said...

Josh could have dreamt that an anonymous poster asked if he lost weight but it appears it was his Saddie. I think whatever weight Josh lost, he found it plus interest!

Great job Thalia. Glad to see you giving up Soccer for a ball, bat and glove....just like your uncle!

Gabe (the slim son)

Anonymous said...

Josh looks great; the videos are wonderful; life is good!!!

The slim son is interesting - hmmmmmm

Josh keep on rocking and have fun playing ball in Texas with your Saddie and Thalia


Anonymous said...

Not to much weight loss going on here, although there needs to be. Teaching Thalia to catch and hit is a little more dificult than I thought. She's so scared to be hit by the ball even though I'm just tossing it to her. Maybe Gabe or Saddie will break that fear. Thanksgiving was a blast having the inlaws and my family together. I was just glad dad didn't crack too many of his "Ron" jokes.
Josh (the not so slim brother but much better looking)

Gabe said...

Its time for the Johnston Family Weight Loss Challenge (Good title for a blog eh?). I think that all interested parties should weigh-in on January 1st and the percentage winner (I have an advantage of most weight available to lose so this should level the playing field, so to speak) is the winner!


And if nobody reads this by the time we are in TX it doesn't count and I will pig out.

Anonymous said...

Gabe, does this include UJ. I feel like I am a definite candidate for this challenge!

Thalia, I like your pictures. What is your favorite color? There are no clues!

Anonymous said...

Ummm, well I guess I won't be playing. A little too challenging for me right now so I guess I'll pig out, anyone want to join?