Thursday, November 16, 2006

Ron's sort of like Emmitt Smith

Well, sort of...I think Emmitt and then I think FOOTBALL - not just any ole football, but DALLAS COWBOYS football. Well, when I think football, I think RON! Yep, Ron played for years...junior high, high school, and then even went to college on a full football scholarship. His nickname was 'LIGHTENING'.

I'm thinking of Emmitt because I watched the last two episodes of Dancing with the Stars. My mom had been telling me that "EVERYBODY...Well, EVERYBODY I KNOW" watches Dancing with Stars and EVERYBODY is talking about Emmitt. She said he was SOOO good and 'Oh honey, his, it is just so sweet!'

Well, I didn't know ANYONE watching Dancing with Stars. I certainly hadn't seen it and hadn't heard ONE SINGLE SOUL say a word about it.

I decided I wanted to connect with my mom on a TV I watched Dancing with Stars on the 2nd to the last week - when there were 3 couples...only I just watched the episode when they got rid of the 3rd couple.

Well, my mom was right...Emmitt DOES have a sweet smile. Mom said he "was so smooth" when he danced. Um? Well, I guess so. This is NOT how Ron is like Emmitt. Ron is NOT a smooth dancer AT ALL. Nope. We took lessons a few years ago - Ron almost broke my fingers from squeezing my hand so tight as he concentrated on how he was suppose to move. Plus...I said OUCH a bunch of times when he stepped on my FEET!

That was the end of our dancing career together.

Now, Emmitt, if I remember right, use to take ballet...guess that's why he is so SMOOTH when he dances. Ron, well, forget it.

Ron has a new injury...I don't think this would happen to Emmitt. Ron's own quad ran into his leg. Yep, you read that one right. He wanted me to take a picture of it so he could show Josh. Josh graciously sent us a picture of his INJURY....but it's not for the faint of heart, so I can't post it here. But here's Ron's..


Dee said...

I am glad emmitt won. My husband does not like such shows but I loved Dancing With the Stars. I know when my mom was alive I could connect with her by some of the shows we both watched as well as some of the music we both loved.

Anonymous said...

Judy Len we usually talked about the show before school. Sandi and I followed it most of the season. Emmitt certainly had the charm but Mario was definitely a better dancer. Next season we will be sure to include you in the chats.

Judy said...

So...there were some of my buddies watching Dancing with the Stars! I had no idea. Yes, ya'll will have to include me next season! My mom will be proud of me.

Anonymous said...

Judy I'm glad you and I have finally found a show we both enjoy. I believe it was Hershel Walker with the ballet lessons. I could be wrong. I'm glad to know how Ron hurt his leg. So glad it wasn't any worse. About dancing, remember how good Ron was at Lindsey's wedding. Not quite as smooth as Emmitt but with a little practice, who knows. Love. mom

Judy said...

Hershel Walker? Well, maybe he'll be on Dancing with the Stars next season! As you can see from the comments, my friend Lainer and also Sandi WERE watching...I just didn't know.

Anonymous said...

I truly believe that Ron could take Emmitt out on the dance floor. Mow football... probally so!