Monday, November 13, 2006


Mimi was my grandmother. Her name was Jewel but most people called her Judy - if they didn't call her Mimi. I was her first grandchild...the one who gave her the name Mimi. I loved her more than life itself. I told my own kids that when they had their children, I wanted to be called Mimi. Thalia, bless her heart, calls me Mimi and says it in THE sweetest way.

Today, November 13th, is Mimi's birthday...she would have been 103 years old.
Mimi was born in 1903. I look at this photo of her with her family (Mimi is the one with the headband on) and wonder...she definitely looks like she is going to do her own thing. No one else is wearing a headband! Was her mom happy with the way she was dressed? Was Mimi happy having to take the picture? I know her as the sweetest, kindest, most lovable woman on the planet...the person who loved me so much.

In the summer, she would come up to see my last day of school. Then I would go home with her - about 3 1/2 hours south of where we lived - and I'd spend the summer with her. She worked at Sears in the little girls department...therefore, Mom tells me, I was the best dressed little girl there was...Mimi made sure of it.

Mimi's younger sister was named Bonnie...which is who my mom is named after. I have always loved this little photo of the two of them...Jewel and Bonnie.

My own children loved Mimi. I'm so thankful they all remember her.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Judy. I know Mother would be so proud of this article.You're so sweet to remember her birtday and I'm writing this with tears in my eyes. I still miss her so much. I love you, Mom

Lindsey said...

That is such a sweet post. I love the pictures too.

Anonymous said...

I love these old photos....and these are not even my own family.
Judy, you put SO MUCH time and effort into all your postings.

Judy said...

Thank you for the comments...I love my family...and I love old photographs - both for my own memories, and to see my family before I was even a dream!

Dee said...

I would love to have such photos of my family. It is a long drawn out story that I may post some day on my blog but I have no pics of my grandma, or my mom when she was young. Only one of my grandad. I envy people who have such a vibrant family history and they can show the pics.

Anonymous said...

Judy, great story on Mimi. I miss her as well. You are my favorite sister. John