Tuesday, November 07, 2006


My baby boy had minor surgery today...

I thought all day about being a mom...Joshua is 30 years old, but he's still my 'baby boy.' I hurt when he hurts...I cry when he's hurting...I'm happy when he's happy...I'm excited for him when he's excited...Today he was hurting and I couldn't stand it! My stomach was in a knot...the 'worst case scenario' was building up in my mind. I wanted to be right there with him...but instead I was in my classroom with 30 sweetheart students, 600 miles away.

Joshua called me this morning about 9:30 to tell me he had been back to the doctor, and was now on his way to the surgeon. Some of my students apparently saw me on the phone...came up to me, giving me hugs, asking if everything was ok. They were so sweet, so concerned.

He called back about 10 to say he was going into surgery...I asked him to PLEASE call...he assured me Erica would. It wasn't until 2 p.m. that I heard anything. The doctors think it is an infection...an infection that created a huge knot...that was so incredibly painful. Now he's home, and thankfully has a sweetheart wife to take care of him. I'm SO thankful for Erica...I love her, and I hope she knows what it means to me to have her be so wonderful to Joshua....my baby boy!

The top photo was taken in May, 1982. Joshua was 6 and Gabe was 3 1/2 years old. My boys!

Joshua, Erica, and Thalia. At their wedding (left) .... on a visit to Fern Canyon (right)


Anonymous said...

Josh, I'm so thankful you are okay, and that you have Erica and Thalia to take care of you. You have 2 keepers. And Judy I love your glasses. Love to all, Saddie

Anonymous said...

Well what my mom didn't tell you is that it was in my butt area and probably came from riding ATVs. Today I had finally allowed my self to go to the bathroom and since the wound is so close to a certain area my ever so special wife had to finish the duties for me. She even wet the paper too! How perfect is she...:) :)
Josh (the son with the sore butt)

Anonymous said...

Hi Judy, well I'm very happy to take care of your baby boy, my wonderful husband. I love him, he is the greatest and I told him to get used to being taken care of or babied when he is hurting like now. And you don't ever have to worry Judy. By the way, I love you too and thank you. That goes for you too Saddie. I love you!
Josh, you should always wet the paper just in case. Love you honey and I am more than happy to finish the duties you can't.
Erica (the wife of the son with the sore butt) :)

Judy said...

You both are too funny...you make me laugh:)

Gabe said...

Oh Mom, it makes me laugh too! Oh how it makes me laugh. I thought Josh may be making secret trips up here to San Francisco but sounds like its an ATV situation. I know it must be crappy to be in that situation (oops, did I say crappy? No pun intended), and my heart goes out to you Josh, really. I think you should take it easy, take a load off (oops again!) and relax.

Just kiddin bro! Love ya, and hope you get that spring back in your step in no time.


Anonymous said...

Well today I went to the hospital for the 4th time to get the gauze removed and inserted from inside the wound. They are going to be closed for the next few days because of the Marine Corps Birthday and Veterans day. What this means is that Erica had to learn how to take out and replace the gauze which she did not look excited about. I could tell she would get light headed when looking at it but she's determined she can do it. (I've already informed one of my buddies his assistance may be needed.) This will be interesting. Erica does not like the sight of open wounds and I'm afraid she may be the one going to the hospital if she tries to work on me. (Not because it's my butt Gabe, just because of the size of the wound. lol) Any way, jsut the latest and greatest on the sore butt story...

Anonymous said...

Gabe you are too funny! That was pretty funny Josh sorry babe but I had to laugh. Yes I am determined and even if I faint I will get back up and try again, I don't want assistance. So just pucker up butter cup!! lol