Sunday, November 26, 2006

Genetics...or God Threw the Mold Away When He Made Your Mom

I do believe in Genetics...I have kids...I see the resemblances. Of course, there are some I wonder about - "Well, that MUST have come from your Dad's side of the family!"

Which leads me to the topic of Bridge. I'm not sure how it leads to that topic, but it does.

My mom...understanding genetics, I know I have some of her qualities. (Like seeing that Emmitt is a smooooth dancer.) However, one we ABSOLUTELY DO NOT share is competitiveness...especially when it comes to games. Like Bridge.

Well, Bridge is the main one. But then there is competitiveness in baseball, football, hockey, dominoes, hand and foot (or is it foot and mouth???), canasta, bowling, geez, you name it, my mom is competitive with a capital C.

My mom LOVES to play Bridge. She told me it keeps your mind SHARP! Well, that's the truth. My mom has a SHARP mind.

She use to tell me I needed to learn how to play bridge. Nope...not for me. I don't care a thing for it. Not that I know how to play...but it's kind of like raw oysters - never tried it, never will...I KNOW I wouldn't like it.

Did I say that my mom LOVES to play Bridge? I don't think she plays 7 days a week anymore...but she use to. (may be a slight exaggeration) But she does play all day sometimes.

My mom now has "MASTER POINTS!" (remember, she's competitive) Now Master points are a BIG DEAL...seriously. Because she has master points, that means she's good...really good. But I already knew that.

So, since my mom loves bridge...and she has Master would make sense that she takes lessons in Bridge!

I've never met Darcy...but Darcy Day is the day and the person Mom takes lessons from. Mom has her 'partners' too. You have to really understand your partner. Mom mostly plays with June. There are others...but you have to understand - my mom LOVES she may not have a lot of patience if you're not good...
This photo is of June and my mom...I'm sure they had been playing bridge, or were just taking a break from playing bridge...or maybe they were waiting for another game of bridge.

I'm sure that's why I never had the desire to play bridge. the title. I don't know anyone...not a soul in our family anyway, who is as competitive as my mom. my favorite Aunt Jane always has said (although not necessarily related to bridge) "God threw away the mold when he made your mom!"
Mom and Ron riding in a golf cart at the farm. I don't think there was any competition going on...but who knows?


Anonymous said...

Have you ever played a game with Addison?! He'll deny it every which way that he's not competitive, but he is! An example...we were playing basketball the other day, and I was guarding him - he knocked me over and left me laying on the ground with a scraped up knee so he could score a basket! It's a good thing I'm kind of partial to him. :)

Looking forward to seeing you soon,

Judy said...

Oh my gosh...Shame on Addison for leaving you down! I guess that does sound a bit like his Saddie. I never have seen that side of Addison, maybe it's coming out as he's aging! lol

Anonymous said...

Judy, I've read this blog 4 times and enjoy it more each time.You write so much like your dad. You have a way with words that he did. I think that all of my grandsons have a competive spirit and I'm so glad. June is mailing the other photo to you. Love you, Mom
PS-Hope my granddaughters have it,too.

Anonymous said...

I forgot one thing in my comment. You said I wouldn't have patience if my partner was not good-wellll, June is good and is teaching me a few things.

Judy said...

Mom, you need to teach Addison a few things about know...having a girlfriend! Obviously his father never taught him you shouldn't knock women over and then leave them! Kasi MUST have patience!

Your grandsons DO have SOME competitiveness...and Lindsey too...but certainly not like their Saddie! I think they got their patience from you!

June C. Price said...

What a blast to play bridge with your mother. We laugh, tease, and giggle,but somehow manage to always come in first, second, or third.

She is my favorite partner of all time.

June Price

Anonymous said...

Thanks Junie, that really makes me feel good and I feel the same. I have so much fun with you and Saint Ken.

Judy said...

June and "Saint Ken"...I don't think I had heard "Saint Ken" there a story behind that? My mom talks about ya'll all the time. Thank you both for being such wonderful friends to her. MD (There IS a story behind those initials!)

Anonymous said...

Pops, looks like some glasses might do you some good when your driving the cart.

Judy said... you think he looks like he needs glasses..or could he be giving Saddie "the eye" about something she said? Maybe she was telling him about bridge and he was confused...or maybe she was telling him she could drive the cart better than him and he was thinking "yeah, right!"

Anonymous said...

Dad was probably teaching her how to drive the speed limit and she was giving him lip for going to slow. Sounds like Saddie....

Gabe said...

Looks like the Snoop is getting ready to sharply swerve cart to tip it over; taking out the wicked witch of the south in the process. Then the bandit (Snoop) would get up and sprint away.

It either looks like that or that the Snoop is scheming on how to beat Saddie to the front of the Turkey line!!

Go Snoop!