Monday, November 27, 2006

Eskie is Thirsty

Eskie has a habit of drinking out of the toilet!

One can obviously see that Eskie, in his advanced age, also doesn't listen to any commands! I'm not sure what the charm of the toilet's not like we don't have a water bowl for him. We even wash it and give him fresh water every day. But is that the one he wants? Why no...Eskie has decided he likes to get his drinks here!


Anonymous said...

After completing my extensive research on the subject, I can see the high correlation of Eskie's climbing up on the kitchen sink to nap in the pots and pans, with his searching out the territory to find other flavorful pots in the house.
He has become a selective potlicker:
pot liquor; potlikker

The vitamin-rich liquid left after cooking greens, vegetables, meat, etc. This broth is particularly popular in the southern United States and is traditionally served separately with cornbread or corn pone.

As a born and bred Texan, you know this must be true.


Judy said...

Bob, you are so funny! I thought this was a span when I first started to read it!!!