Sunday, November 04, 2007

Slow but Sure...or...Sami, your favorite aunt in CA loves you!

She may not look like she's 18 years old in this photo...and that's because she wasn't.

Now she is.

She knows her Aunt Judy and Uncle Bird love her...and she's probably heard in her long life that the US Mail is slow...that's why it's called SNAIL MAIL...I say that because I told Sami that THAT must be the reason her 18th birthday card hadn't arrived in the great state of TEXAS...

and of course, she believes that...

and she knows I was thinking about her on October 10...which was her birthday...

and here it is November 4th...and look at the pictures taken with my new camera:

I just thought I give you a little preview...notice the title? Slow but sure...yep, that's right!


Gabe & EMily said...

Yo Sami! Happy birthday from your favorites, GAbe and Emily!

Anonymous said...

Love the blog and I know I have two pretty grandaughters. Love Saddie

Anonymous said...

I love you Aunt Judy. I know that the US Mail is really really slooooww! But I love you and uncle bird so much! Saddie i love you too..and of course i can't forget about Gabe and Emily! i love both of you very much! and Josh and erika and thelia and lindsey and donnie! i love all of you guys so much!
I can't wait to see you guys in about 17 DAYS!!!
AHHH i can't believe it's that soon!!



Anonymous said...

Happy Bday Sami!!!! I'm a little behind the times when it comes to remembering Bdays. I think I've even forgot my own a few times.