Saturday, August 22, 2009



This is the book I learned to read from. I remember the characters and the rhythm of the book so well. I remember being in Mrs. Bratcher's 1D class and reading this book.

In Tip, I was introduced not only to Tip the dog, but to Jack and Janet. I loved Jack and Janet, and of course, I absolutely loved Tip.

Once I had advanced beyond Tip, we were introduced to Tip and Mitten. Mitten is a kitten. Notice in Tip and Mitten how they put a little picture of the character next to what they're saying... I didn't remember that...but it's pretty cute.

I also loved Mitten...

The last in the series that I remember was The Big Show. The Big Show was about going to a circus. I was also introduced to Penny, who I think was Jack and Janet's little sister. I was so excited when I saw these three books.

As you may know, school is about to start and one of our new teachers - or new to our school - had cleaned out his old classroom and had these on a table for anyone to take. I grabbed them! It was definitely a 'blast from the past.'

Why do I put these on the blog? Well, a couple of reasons. First, I'm nostalgic...but also because when I was at Stanford (both when Lindsey had Benjamin and for my friend, Mary's daughter, Skyler), decorating the walls of the pediatric section were pages from children's books, framed. They are adorable. So... when I grabbed these books, that was my idea - to possibly take the books apart and frame some of the pages... to hang in Emerson or Benjamin's room... or maybe in Jack's room (seeing as one of the character's is Jack) or Max, who I have yet to meet... or Skyler... or Dorian... or... oh, there are so many sweetheart little people out there! Anyway, that's what I thought about... but regardless, it was heartwarming to see some of my favorite characters from first grade: Tip, Mitten, Jack, Janet, and Penny. (Actually, Penny was not one of my favorites..or maybe she was but I forgot?)

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