Wednesday, June 13, 2012

June 13th

I never forget June 13th...June 13, 1980 to be exact.
My mom, Aunt Jane, and Ray were on their way, driving to California to visit us...when I got the call that 'something has happened to John..'  John was my dad.  That 'something' was a brain aneurysm that immediately took his life.  He was at home, listening to the US Open golf tournament with a neighbor.
My dad... he was a patient man...he loved his family... he was excited about 'Big Josh' learning to play golf...he was a writer... a sports fan and a sports writer... he loved dogs... if he really liked you, he usually made up some nickname for you..
My dad... he would be 90 years old if he was alive today...but he left us at 58 years old... I've probably written most of what I wrote today on previous June 13ths... but I never tire of looking at his pictures, remembering things about him...

I'll probably use some of these photos again next June 13th...


Anonymous said...

Remember it well. Love the pictures. Had not seen the one of the cowboy hat in so long. I still miss him. Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Thanks Judy for posting the pictures.

I had not seen a couple of these pictures. I sure miss dad.

Your Brother