Saturday, June 23, 2012

New cameras

It's been noted here on the JohnstonChronicles how Benjamin is a budding photographer, DBJ IV Photography.
This trip, he started playing with these scales.  I think they're for weighing suitcases.  He loved pulling the hook and watching the weight change.  Then he started turning it sideways and telling me it was his camera. 
"Say 'Cheese', Mimi," he would say.
He showed Emerson how to take a picture with the camera...the 'lellow camera.'
Benjamin checked to make sure Emerson was doing it correctly... He was.
Apparently, when you pull the hook, that's the same thing as pressing the shutter button.
In the video below...I LOVE listening to them as they much fun they're having!

They practiced...and practiced...  I had so many pictures taken of me!

Later, Benjamin decided to take some pictures with my phone's camera.  Willliam was telling me he wanted a turn.
 Benjamin wasn't budging...he wouldn't let William have a turn...and William got M-A-D!  "Oh, great," thought Benjamin.

 I think William thought his big brother was going to share... but then realized, no, he wasn't.

Oh well...wait until you're a little older, William.

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Just like their Mimi. Mom