Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Thalia's first day of high school recap - August 13, part 2

 While Thalia was at school, I kept thinking about her...hoping she was having a great first day...
 Erica, Lizbeth, and I took off and went looking for a few things...I found one thing... Lizbeth struck out on her quest...
 Then we headed to eat.  I had a DELICIOUS shrimp wonton soup...for 45 baht!  (about $1.50)  We bought some groceries...and headed home in time for our newest high schooler to come home.
 Poor Thalia, as the van drove in, the paparrazi was there with their cameras (that would translate to her mama and both her grandmothers)...snapping away...and anxious to hear all about her first day.
Isn't she just so, so beautiful?  

 Well, her first day went pretty well...except she was a bit upset by her first class.  She was put in a spanish class for native speakers...and they ONLY spoke Spanish...and she said she understood about every third word at best.  That's not the class she should be in...but it worried her about the difficulty of high school.

Except for that, the rest of the day went well... she had some homework...but here it is, 7:30 p.m. and she's sitting on the couch on Facebook...homework done...looking relaxed!

What a sweetheart!

It was another great day in Bangkok...and one that made me a little sad as I was thinking about this journey coming to an end.  I so miss my guy...but I'm also loving being here...

I'm thankful for another day in Bangkok!

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Anonymous said...

Yes, she is a beauty inside and out. What a blessing. Mom