Saturday, August 03, 2013

Lumpini Park & Joshua's Marines - August 2

Erica and I started at 6 am with a jog/walk around Lumpini Park!

Lumpini is a cultural experience itself.  Have I said that before?

What is this tree?  Oh my smells heavenly!

After going around the park twice (a little over 3 miles), we walked to this market (again) and bought some shrimp.  One kilo (2.5 lbs for...think it was about $10)...

Later, I put a new app on my phone for taking black and white photos...and took some of my sweetheart granddaughter recording a song...

I couldn't make the app work right, so I deleted it.

Around 4 p.m., 9 of Joshua's 11 marines came for a big dinner and swimming.  They are such a great group of guys!
Here's 7 of them (before the other 2 got thrown in) along with Sunshai, one of the drivers.
It started pouring down rain...but I guess it didn't make much difference since they were already wet...

These guys are so good to Thalia...treating her like their kid sister!
This is Khun Jit (she takes care of the marines, washing their clothes, cleaning up after them)  and Sunshai.

This is Khum Jit...who the marines threw in the water...8.5 feet of water...not knowing that she didn't know how to swim!  Thankfully, she was close to the side and grabbed the side.  What a great sport she was about it!

 The guys started jumping off Joshua's deck (2nd floor) into the pool.  Thalia wanted to do it too.  Both of her grandmothers ... and her mother... said ABSOLUTELY NOT! We didn't even give Joshua time to answer.

It was definitely a fun night!  I loved meeting and seeing the marines Joshua works with...and seeing them interact with him, Erica, and Thalia!

It was another great day in Bangkok!

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