Saturday, August 03, 2013

Bum gun, taking Thalia to Terminal 21, & fixing her phone - August 3

This is, of course, a toilet...a western toilet...and a bum gun!  You see them everywhere.  Some (the names will remain confidential:)) thought this was too clean the bathroom, seeing as there is a drain in the floor.  However, being inquisitive, I googled it and found out it was a bum gun.  The "trigger" looks like a gun...and it's to clean your bum!  Reading about it, it said you really need to check the water pressure before using it - so you don't walk out of the bathroom looking like you took a shower with your pants on!  For women, it said to aim from front to back...and for both men and women, it said after you use the bum gun, to use a little toilet paper to dry off so you don't...well, you don't want to put your underwear back on and have it wet.  Also, many Thai's carry a little soap to wash with the bum gun so you're totally feeling 'refreshed'!
 Thalia went with some of her friends to lunch and a movie.  We took off for MBK, another enormous mall...but where they had bought Thalia's cell phone...her cell phone that was locked...

Along the way, we saw this group playing.  I could have stayed for a long time listening...they were SO good!
 This is MBK...HUGE!
 This was going on outside...not sure who or what it was, but there was singing and dancing...

 I was on one of the many escalators...taking a photo of some of the other escalators...  This place was a zoo!  The big difference between MBK and the other 2 main malls we've been to (Siam Paragon and Central World) is that at MBK, there are tons (think there are 2000) little shops...side by side.  Lizbeth and I had trouble keeping up with Joshua and Erica.
 We were going to go back to Asiatique and show it to Joshua.  But we didn't for 2 reasons:  1) It was pouring down rain...POURING!  and 2) I wasn't feeling well at all.  Not sure what it was, but I was bummed cause I just didn't feel good.  I wanted to keep going because I couldn't stand the thought of wasting a minute.  Anyway, we went to Siam Paragon to meet up with Thalia.  We stayed there waiting for her to ride the BTS from her friends to us.  Siam is a stop on the BTS and it's also a stop where you can transfer to a different line of the BTS.  It's busy...very busy.  We decided to eat there... Joshua and I went and ate at MOS burger...I wanted something plain - no spice - because of how I was feeling.  Joshua likes MOS burger, so I knew it wouldn't be spicy.

After eating, we went all the way up to see the theater section.  I'm not sure how many theaters are up there, but there's a lot.  They have regular theaters (which they said are really nice)...and first class theaters, where they bring you your popcorn/drinks...have a buffet... give you a lounge to wait in until the movie starts.  They have 3D and 4D theaters.  The 4D's seats move...air/water, etc., blow in your face...  We need to go to the movies before we leave.

All of these last 4 photos are from the theater section.

We came on back home...and watched 'Forest Gump'...

I wasn't feeling the best, but it was still another great day in Bangkok!


Anonymous said...

I hope you're better. I love you, Mom

jujabbo said...

The drink looks like Thai iced tea. It's very sweet. Looks like fun, minus the not-feeling-good part.

jujabbo said...

The drink looks like Thai iced tea. It's very sweet. Looks like fun, minus the not-feeling-good part.