Saturday, August 10, 2013

59 in Thailand - August 10

 There was a little mixup this morning with Thalia's school.  Joshua and Erica had a parent orientation....and we thought that was it.  However, once they were there (30 minutes in the taxi), they realized Thalia was supposed to be there for new student orientation.  Joshua came back in the taxi...and Thalia and I hopped in and went to Nichada...where Thalia's school is.  She had her orientation until 2 p.m.  Erica and I talked to quite a few people...each bought a t-shirt...bought Thalia's supplies...I looked into teaching there... (they provide teacher housing:))... and then we came back....getting back close to 3 pm.
After awhile, we walked to La Monita, the #2 Mexican food restaurant in Bangkok, for dinner.  It was delicious!
We came back home for a few minutes...and when we walked out, these guys were working on the mass of wires!  They had this bamboo ladder..and the guy was walking ON the wires????
We took the BTS to the pier, hopped on a boat bound for Asiatique and walked around there...did a little shopping...and had some gelato!

On the boat...with my iPhone...

This ferris wheel is HUGE!
We didn't ride it...didn't really want to take the time...seems you got to ride a good while...there must e at least 50 was 250 baht to ride it (a bit over $8), which isn't too bad...we shopped and got gelato instead.

As we were walking back to their house, we passed one of the million tributes to the honor of her upcoming I snapped a photo so you can see what they look like.  When it's the king's birthday, the flags are yellow instead of blue..
What a great way to spend a birthday....another great day in Thailand!

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