Sunday, August 11, 2013

A little shopping trip - August 11

Today was a lower-key day.  I was up during the night not feeling well....after finally getting to sleep, I slept till 10:30 a.m.  Lizbeth wasn't feeling the best either....

However, the grandmas recovered....and off we went!
We were planning to go back to Chatuchak market...but Joshua suggested going to another area where we went in our first day or two in Bangkok.  I was on the lookout for a pair of what I term 'Thai pants'...and also a dress...not necessarily for school, but to wear around the house.  Lizbeth had some things on her list...and Thalia had a small list too.
We rode the BTS a little ways, then walked a bit.  Along the way, the Thai dancers were performing.  We stopped to watch.  I really don't understand the Buddhist religion at all.  I do know they're very peace-loving people...but that's it.  As you've seen here on the Johnston Chronicles, there are shrines...spirit houses...and temples everywhere.  You can see these people holding these orangish looking things.  They are flowers...I don't know if they're braided together or what, but they're really pretty.  Well, they sell them everywhere, on every corner practically.  You buy them and then lay them around the shrines/spirit houses...I don't know if there's a certain way you do it, or a certain place you put them...and then there's the incense, which is also sold everywhere.  You can see in these photos people lighting their incense from the stands around the shrine.

Here you can see all the orangeish things people have laid around.  I think they're all made from irises.  Sometimes there are other flowers too, but the orangish ones are always, or so it seems to me.
This picture is a crazy angle, but I was trying to get all the stalls set up next to this building.  The Thai dancers are also by this building.

After awhile, we walked on...and went to the shopping area. I got what I was going after....not sure if Lizbeth finished what she wanted to get.  Thalia was successful, too.

By this time, it was after 6 and we were all hungry....we went to Siam Paragon since we were right by it.  I LOVE to eat there....that's the one with the Enormous food court...and the separate section that's just Thai food... we ate there....
This is my 70 baht dinner!  That's a little over $2!  It was delicious...brown rice (looks reddish/purple to me), pad thai, and chicken with cashews.  There are so many sauces...and I put drops of a bunch of different ones on different parts of my rice.  Well, only one I didn't like at all...but the rest were so good and so HOT!  Spicy hot...major spicy hot!  I was so needing something to drink that I walked past a stand that had cokes....and I got a large sprite...and downed it!  (Lindsey, don't say anything!  I know it wasn't the best choice, but it sure did taste good!)

Before leaving, Lizbeth and I were wanting some ice we all went to Swenson's and had a sundae.  Delicious...and compliments of Joshua and Erica!

Now here we are...back at home.  Tomorrow is the Queen's birthday and Thalia's last day of summer vacation!  There's a welcome coffee hour for parents at the school Tuesday morning...which I think we'll go to...

As is always the case, it was another great day in Bangkok!

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