Sunday, August 11, 2013

One gross thing about Bangkok

I hadn't been here long before I started noticing something that grosses me out.

Older white men with very young Thai girls/women.  It makes me sick.  You see it constantly.  I'm sure some of them are OK...some of the white men/Thai women are close in age, and that doesn't bother me.

Think 65-70 year old white haired white man with a 20 year old Thai woman.  THAT's what grosses me out.

I can't remember if  wrote about this on the day we left Koh Chang...but we were in the taxi and there was this white man from Wales sitting across from me.  He started talking about not riding his motorbike on that road...and how his wife wouldn't ride on his motorbike with him at all because of the crazy drivers....and then I asked him if he lived here.  Yes, he said, he lived there on White Sand Beach.  Erica asked him what brought him there.

"Divorce," he said, "that's what brings everyone here!  Why should you bust your ____ in ______(wherever you lived), when you can live the good life here?"

That was kind of what we suspected, but now we knew.

The cost of living is so inexpensive...and so many are so poor in spite of that, that a old white man comes in and will take care of you?  Well, that's what happens.

But totally grosses me out!

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