Monday, May 18, 2015

April 12th with the boys

 I flew in from Colorado on April 11 and went to Lindsey's.
That Saturday and half of Sunday, we played on the trampoline, played with some legos, and went for a bike ride.  It was a fun day!

 If you look at the surface of the trampoline behind us, you can see some of William's artwork!  He drew DoPoo, himself, Benjamin and he had me trace him.  Often when he's jumping, he has a big piece of chalk in his hand.  I guess he wants to be ready to draw if the inspiration hits him!

 We sat outside for awhile and the boys looked through the lego catalogs.  They just study these and study these. 

 William is riding his balance bike, but Benjamin is a super rider!

Benjamin's newest thing to do on his bike, is to get up speed, and then slam on his brakes and see how long of a skid mark he can make!

Here's one of the skid marks...
 This is a good one!  Wow, look how long it is!

In this video, you can see a couple of skids...
 Knowing his birthday was coming up, I asked for a list of some things he might want.  Benjamin is great about making me a list.  He was writing down the Lego set numbers...

 William wrote ... and then he told me it said "Will" "Y" "Am"...
 I love this...
Bye guys!  I'll see you in a couple of weeks!  I sure had fun with you!

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