Sunday, May 17, 2015

William's friend

 This is DoPoo...the one on the right, the larger one is DoPoo.  On the left,is William.  William's new friend, DoPoo, is 2 years old and he has blue hair.  As you can see, his blue hair is spiked.  DoPoo has been William's friend about 6 weeks.  I'm not sure where they met, but whenever I ask William where DoPoo is, he usually says "right here by me." 

A few weeks ago, "George" entered the picture.  George, at that time, was 3 years old with red hair.  (pretty much the same as William!)
However, yesterday, I asked about George, and he is now 2 years old and also has blue hair like DoPoo.
DoPoo, has not changed.  :)
This is another piece of William's art work.  He definitely loves to draw.  On the trampoline, he'll grab a piece of chalk and draw all over the jumping surface!  

William is a character!


jujabbo said...

I will have to show William this. He'll be happy that DooPoo made the blog.

Judy said...

It would be nice to have a picture of George, too!