Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Batting Practice

This little guy...well, he's not so little any more since he's now 6 years old...but this little man and I went over to the tennis courts to play catch.  After awhile, his dad came over and pitched to him. 
Emerson had just gotten a new bat.  Actually, this was his first time to use it.
This was a flashback!  My guy used to throw balls to Lindsey so she could practice hitting.  I'm sure he did it with Gabe and Joshua, too, but I don't remember it as much.
Whenever Emerson hit the ball over the tennis court net, that is considered a homerun.  We don't pick up those balls until it's time to go home.  We only pick up the balls on the side of the net he's on.  He's really good at batting...I was impressed!

 You can definitely see how he keeps his eye on the ball...

 The look of concentration....

 I'm not sure how many baseballs were in that bucket, but Gabe threw 3 buckets of balls for Emerson!

 Then it was time for 'grounders.'  Gabe would hit some balls to Emerson...then Emerson would throw them back. 

This was definitely fun!  I tried to hit some grounders after Gabe left, but I didn't do as good...
Emerson said it was time to go back, and it was.  It was almost time for his birthday party!!!

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