Tuesday, May 19, 2015

April 25 & 26 with the boys

 My baby girl...and me
 I was back down to Lindsey's on Friday, April 24th.  Ron was flying in from Texas on the 25th.  
Saturday morning, I went with Linz and the boys to gymnastics.

 The balance beam is tough ...
I love this picture...look at William's face!  
He kept those hands on his hips...that's the form!

After gymnastics, the boys and I drove to SFO to pick up their Papa. 
We spent the rest of the day just hanging out playing...
then went to a delicious Thai restaurant for dinner...YUM!

Sunday morning, we took off and headed north to see Gabe, Emily, and Emerson.

 What a ham!  I haven't taken any pictures of Emily and Walt (?)... but I forewarned her that I really wanted to take some this day...
My already-6-year-old little man!

A great weekend...my guy coming home and seeing my little men.

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