Friday, May 29, 2015

Emerson's Birthday Party

May 16th was the day we celebrated Emerson's 6th birthday!
He was actually 6 years and 3 days old on this day :)
He loves that was the theme of his party!
Well, Minecraft and bowling!  
Emerson was filling in the score sheet.
Minecraft is squares and bowling is a ball...
so I guess that's a great balance!
(I just thought of that:))
The bumpers were put up...but they weren't real noticeable.  See those little yellow sticks on the side?
This is Nathan.  He's not a kindergartner!
He also preferred not to have the bumpers up!

The Birthday Boy!
I wonder if Noah was coaching him?
This was the 'hang out' spot.  Watching the balls shoot back was a bit fascinating at first.

Some of the adults also bowled a game.
This is Gabe!
Emerson was ready to bowl..
This was looking good....
What do you call that?  goalposts?  Well, here on his 2nd roll, Emerson was trying to pick up a spare.  I think he got one of them!

Poor Ava...she was the only girl, but I don't think it bothered her at all.  She has two brothers, so she's probably used to it.

Uncle Donnie
The adult lane!  Katrina was there with Cash...

Katrina and Noah


The Birthday Boy!
I can't remember this little man's name...but I think he's on Emerson's T-Ball team?

One of Emerson's 2 Papa's who were here.  
This is my guy :)

Uncle Donnie
I can't remember this little guys name, but he's absolutely adorable.  He and Emerson met at Day Care.

Emerson, I need help with names!

Emerson King!

I'm wondering if this is Tyler?

Papa, Gabe, Katrina


After bowling, there was pizza, fruit salad, and drinks!

When I asked, "Who is the birthday boy?", Noah pointed to Emerson and said, "I don't know what his name is, but THIS is the birthday boy!"

Ah, there's William!  He had fallen asleep driving to the bowling alley.  Now he joined the party, well, at least he joined the eating. 

The crew

Emerson is not a cake fan, so we had the chocolate cake for those who like cake...
and we had this chocolate mint ice cream 'cake' for Emerson ... and others!

 The candles were blown out...

 Maybe he was thinking about his wish...?
Emerson's other Papa had been watching the party ... 
I wanted to get a picture of him and his baby girl (aka Emily) before he took off!

What a fun party this was, Emerson!
Happy Birthday to you again!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Judy for documenting Emerson's bday party! You are an amazing Mimi! xoxo Emily