Saturday, May 02, 2015

Making faces

 I came back from Denver on April 11th.  That night after Benjamin's bath, he went in to brush his teeth.  I had my camera...and he started to make faces.

He brushed his teeth...

 and made more faces...
and then it was time for bed...
I asked him if he wanted to read a book before going to sleep..
he did..
and so he went and got 4 books and told me he could read to me.
When we got situated on the bed, he asked,
"Mimi, what language do you want me to read in?"
"What language?"  I asked.  "What are my choices?"

He told me he could read in French, Spanish, or English.
I chose French.
He informed me he hadn't learned what all the letters sounded like, but he could read the title.  It was something about a cat, but he said it like a true Frenchman!
Next, he read 2 books in Spanish...
then 2 in English..
This Mimi was totally impressed.


Anonymous said...

Very nice teeth indeed

jujabbo said...

He looks too grown up in these pictures!