Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Happy 6th Birthday, Emerson King!

 June 8, 2014, was the day of your 5th  birthday party.  It was  hot outside...and the water was a hit!

In mid-June, Emerson came up to our house...all by himself...and we had SO MUCH FUN!

 We played a LOT of backyard baseball...then after too many balls went over the fence, we moved baseball to the middle school.
 He had lost his first tooth...and his first permanent tooth was coming in!
 Bowling was also on our agenda!  I had asked Emerson if he would like to go, and he said he'd never bowled but had always wanted to! 
 Emerson and his Papa!
 One day, there was a festival in off we went.  I can't even remember what kind of festival it didn't eat fish, only snowcones!
 Emerson and his Mimi, that's me!
 Golfing was something else we did.  We only putted.  Emerson listened to some advice AT FIRST, but then he felt like he knew best how to putt.
Later in June, we picked Emerson up and took him with us to visit his cousins.  I was flying out to China the next day...The boys were into playing basketball...

 In July, Uncle Joshua, Aunt Erica, and Thalia came to visit from Thailand!  Emerson came up...along with his cousins, Benjamin and William. 
One place we went was to Patrick's Point...
 down to the beach...
 looking for agates...
 and this Mimi wanted a picture with all of her sweet grandkids!

We also went over to Wedding Rock. 

Fern Canyon was another destination...
 The zoo was another destination.  Here, my 4 precious ones are standing in a 'spider web.'
 We had to take a picture here.  I think I have one of Thalia by this wheelbarrow on so many different years.  It's a tradition!
Of course, we had some backyard baseball!
 Before anyone took off, I had to have a group picture...

 August 10, 2014, your Mimi turned 60 years old.
 Your Papa threw a surprise party...
 You had come up with Benjamin and William because  your dad had to work on Saturday.  August 10 was on a Sunday...and your dad and mom came up, totally surprising me!

 You and your dad, side by side...He's a little bit larger than you!
This was August 20th, your very first day of KINDERGARTEN!!!!

We didn't see you in September, but the first weekend of October, I met you, your mom and dad at El Torito.  We had dinner, and then you and I took off to visit Benjamin and William.
 This day was SO hot...and we went to the park.  I just love this picture of the 3 of you! 

The trampoline was another thing we did.  We jumped and jumped and jumped...

We didn't see you much in November...We came down and spent Veteran's Day weekend at Benjamin and William's.  You were in Kelseyville, I think!
 On our way home, we stayed at a hotel...and you stayed with us.  We went shopping for a puzzle...for a football puzzle, which we never found.  I was still looking, but you told me you just wanted to go back to the hotel and relax!  I didn't think I'd ever stop laughing over that one!

You kept trying to convince me to buy more games for the iPad..
it didn't work :)


 When you, your mom and dad got to our house for Christmas, you, Benjamin, and William immediately started wrestling. 

 You three boys were so excited to see each other!  I was excited to have all 3 of you here!

 Christmas Eve, we went to church.  Look at you, Emerson.  You look so handsome!
 The first time you saw your Uncle Josh, you called him 'Grute'...
 Christmas morning, you boys were so patient to open gifts.  The stocking's, however, were first!
 Your dad was so excited about your football book...
 You tried your hand at legos!
 I just love this picture of you, your dad, and William!  Christmas day was a pajama day!
 On the 26th, before you left, it was time for pictures. 
 You and your dad were dressed just alike...

Somebody was H-A-P-P-Y!
Eliza, Aunt Lindsey and Uncle Donnie's friend from Chile was also here for the holidays with us.


 We didn't see you in January, then in February, Papa and I stayed at your house the night before we flew to Denver.  We went to Denver to see Saddie, Uncle John, Aunt Becky and their family. 
 Papa and your dad were working on some projects...

February 28th was William's 3rd birthday...and his party.  We came to your house the night before, and brought you with us to celebrate William! 
 As you can see, the trampoline was where a lot of the playing took place between you three boys.
 There was more wrestling!

 Uncle Donnie barbequed...but then we had cupcakes and sang Happy Birthday to William.
As you can see, it was a Spiderman theme...
A birthday picture for William!


 March was a month we just saw you for a little bit.  We came down to see you...and you and I went outside and played football...and then decided to walk to the park and play soccer.
 You wanted to play on the tennis courts, which we did.  
After awhile, you decided you wanted to play kickball...
you wore me out!  
I do believe you won the kickball game!

 I went back to Denver for Easter.  When I got back, I came to see you before going home.
 I told your mama before I came that I really wanted to take pictures...
 You were hamming it up...this is hilarious!
and what a great picture!
I wasn't there for this, but your mom or dad sent them to me.


Here it is...May 13th...and you are 6 years old!
Happy, happy birthday to you, Emerson King!

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jujabbo said...

Happy Birthday Emerson! We'll see you soon!
Aunt Lindsey