Thursday, September 29, 2016

August 18th at Lindsey's

 William was ready to jump on the trampoline.
 I told him I couldn't jump since my knee isn't 100%.  He told me I could SIT on the I did. 
 William...he's a beast on that trampoline!  Look what it does to his hair!  The electricity just makes it stick straight out!  What a riot!

 When he wasn't jumping or rolling around, he had my phone taking pictures...sometimes he took pictures of me taking a picture!

Uh-oh...time for sunscreen!
 William took pictures of our feet...
His are SO DIRTY from jumping!

 He told me to take a 'picture of my butt!'

 I'm always finding a multitude of his selfies on my phone. 

 Back inside, I'm not sure what we were doing here.
 We were hanging out playing while Lindsey and Donnie finished their packing...
they were heading to Hawaii on the 19th.

10 days in Hawaii!  How fun!
They'll be back a little over 24 hours before Benjamin starts his first day of second grade!!!
I just can hardly believe he's a 2nd grader!!!

What a fun day!


Anonymous said...

That hair!! lol

jujabbo said...

Love William's hair pictures!