Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Hanging out at the park on Wednesday afternoon

 It was August 17th..and it was hot.
We hung around the house after I got there until late afternoon when it started cooling off a little bit.  

 William likes to use my phone and take 'selfies.'  
This time, he let me in with him!

Then we headed to the park to meet some of their friends.

 We got there a bit earlier than their friends, so Benjamin and William decided to have a snack!

 Lindsey's is so good about getting sunscreen on her boys! 

 This is a great park!  It's close to their house...and it has multiple play areas.
There's a lake...with a trail...I think about 2 miles...that goes around it.
 I wanted to take a walk, so Benjamin said he'd go with me.  We walked, collected a few feathers, then sat on a bench and ate peanuts!

 Eating peanuts!  We ate the majority of the package!
The sun was so intense!
It was beautiful in the colors it reflected off everything...and everyone!
We didn't leave here until late...
Donnie was out of town...
so off we went to 'The Counter"...a delicious hamburger restaurant!

Hamburgers, shoestring french fries, and watching the Olympics on the big screen...
what a fun afternoon and night with my two little men and their mama!

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