Monday, September 26, 2016

Happy 1st Birthday, Walt! (on September 25, 2016)

 September 25, 2015, Walter Lucas came into our world!
September 27th, Walt came home to live with his mama, daddy, and big brother, Emerson!
 October 2, 2015, we celebrated your daddy's birthday!

Looks at your size compared to your Daddy's!
 In November, you met your UJ for the first time..
 and you came to your Mimi and Papa's house for Thanksgiving!
 In January, you grew out of your 'infant' stage...

 and you started making your little seat move a little as you kicked!
 You discovered your feet in February!
 and you enjoyed going for walks in the stroller!
 In March, you went to Arizona to see the SF Giants in spring training!
 Your mama sent me this picture from Pea Soup Andersens!

It was hot in Arizona!
Also in March, you loved playing with some of your toys while you sat in this little chair!
 In April, you started showing us how you could do tummy time!

You also started watching Emerson play baseball.  You, of course, wore your baseball clothes, too!
 May was the month your brother turned 7 years old!
Your cousins, Benjamin and William, came up to celebrate!
 You loved sitting in this little chair!

Also in May, you definitely learned about jumping!
 In June, you were really sitting up well! 

Emerson was definitely making you laugh!
 In July, you came to visit Mimi and Papa!
 Your daddy, UJ, and Papa went out on a fishing trip
while Emerson entertained us!
 You were still at Mimi and Papa's the first of August.
 Your crawl isn't really a crawl.  You get around on your hands and knees!

 Your UJ was happy to be spending time with his newest nephew!
 Also in August, you were sitting in and playing around your great-great grandfather's rocking chair!
This chair was given to him on November 2, 1902!
 Walt, you're so adorable!
On August 17th, you visited your mama's classroom for her first day of the school year!
You love Gigi...
 September, 2016
Walt, you turned 1 year old!
 Your party was the day before your birthday...
 but I don't think you cared!
 Your mama baked you a star cake.
 and after we all sang to you, you attacked the cake..
and the big 1 that was on the top!
Happy 1st birthday, Walt!
You are a very much loved little man!

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Happy 1st Birthday Walt!

Love Daddy