Friday, September 02, 2016

Walt is here! July 31st

 July 31st was a changing of the guard.
Lindsey, Donnie, Benjamin and William took off for home.  Donnie had to work the next day.  Originally, he was going on the guys' fishing trip...but with a wired shut mouth, well, it was too risky for him to go.  Gabe, Emily, and Walt came up the 31st, passing Linz and Co., on the road!
This picture is a bit blurry, but he's cute even blurred!
 I used the flash..
Look at Walt's eyes! 
 He's not too sure of all this snapping going on with the flash!
Sorry, Walt.

 Look at the way Walt looks at Emerson!
I just love it.  Emerson is such a ham!

I'm bummed they weren't all here together, but I'm still happy they all came!
Emerson said it would just be the two of us for our Mimi-Camp meeting!
He was correct!

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