Sunday, September 25, 2016

Emerson's first day of 2nd Grade

 Emerson told me we needed to leave by 7:45 a.m.  Emily left early for her first day with her students.  I was looking forward to taking Emerson for his first day...AND...taking Walt to day care.  I just adore his day care family - Kay and Blake.  Blake traveled with me one summer with People to People. 

 I told him we'd leave by 7:45...even though that was a bit early.  
He wanted to get there...and have time to play.
Periodically, he'd let me know the time,
"Mimi, it's 7:42."

 I got both of the boys in the car, started the engine...and I said, "Emerson, look at the clock."  He grinned and I said, "I told you we'd leave at 7:45."  He added, "...on the nose."

I had used that expression the day before, and he had asked what it meant.  I explained and told him '..on the button..' was another way to say it. 

He didn't forget!
 His classroom door was closed when we got there, so he just hung up his backpack and put his lunch box where he knew it went.  I asked him if I could take a picture...
this is what I got!

 This is his buddy, Jeremiah!  I told Emerson I wanted to take a picture of the two of them...and these two photos above were the first ones I got...then Jeremiah came over and joined him and said,
"come on, emerson."
 We went by Emily's classroom.
All the little first graders and their parents were coming in, but Emily
took a minute to give her smallest little man a hug and wishing her big boy a great day!
 His classroom opened, and he found his desk.

I hope you have a great second grade year, Emerson!

Walt and I then took off for Kay and Blakes...
It was wonderful to visit with them awhile before I took off and headed south to go to see Benjamin and William! (and their parents, of course!)

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Anonymous said...

What a special day for Emerson & Mimi! More to come :)