Thursday, September 22, 2016

Old buddies...

August 2nd was the day Joshua was flying back...and the day Gabe and co., were heading back.  I was also heading out to Oregon to be with my girlfriends for the week...and Ron...well, he was going from a full house for a week ... to an empty house for a few days.

I love love love having my family around.  One of my disappointments was the fact that Lindsey and her crew and Gabe and his crew weren't here at the same time.  That was just how it worked out this time.  

A couple of Gabe's close friends came by to visit...
it was a great chance for a picture!

I wish I had a picture of them when they were little guys...
little guys in middle school.
but I don't.

Brandon, Gabe, and Ron
they've been buddies for a long, long time.

Mimi-camp followed up with the guys fishing trip -
which Donnie didn't go on since his jaw was wired shut!
What a great week this has been...

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That is a lot of beef!