Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The rest of August 1st

 This is a very special rocking chair...
with a very special little man, of course!
 This rocking chair was first given to my grandfather, David Edward, on his first birthday, 
November 11, 1903.
 My mom then got the chair on her first birthday,
April 12, 1928.

 No, I didn't get it on my birthday...
I guess I should have felt dejected...but I didn't know a thing about it!
I can't remember when I got the was after my kids were born.
The chair has never been refinished...where the black is worn off the arms and other places, well, that's from wear and tear from the little people that have sat and rocked in it.

 Some progress on the house project...
 Joshua, things get done when he's here!
I just love him to be here, period!  But he's happier when he has a project!

 I think Walt got tired of standing up...
so he just sat down next to the rocker.
 He was watching his UJ work on the house.

 My little guy...
all grown up!

 My boys...
I love it when they're together!

 Perfect time for some photos...
 Hold on... Let's get Emerson in there!

 "WHOA!" thought Walt.
"UJ looks different!"
Well, we need to get Papa in here, too!
 I LOVE this!
 Enough of the group shots...
Joshua went back to work on the house,
Ron went back to supervising,
and Emerson was probably throwing his baseball around.
Gabe was holding his little man!

 That night, we had salmon from the day's catch!

 It was ready for the grill!
And for our evening dinner entertainment...we have Walt!
He's been doing this for a little while, tilting his head whenever we'd tilt ours.
PRECIOUS...that's what you are, Walt!

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