Friday, September 30, 2016

August 19 - from the airport to visiting Remy (and his parents)

 We were up early...
Benjamin and William were buckled in the car before the suitcases were all in!
I asked Benjamin if he was excited about going to Hawaii.
"Mimi, I'm petrified."
I was SHOCKED...I thought he was talking about flying.
I asked him why he was petrified...
he said he didn't like to get wet!
Haha...(he swam with the dolphins, paddle-boated, snorkeled...0
 I dropped them off at the airport about 7:30 a.m.
and I took off to go visit Remy and his parents!
 It was so fun to see them in California!
Remy is such a little man!  He was excited and we had such a good time!
 We went walking around town...

 and went out and ate some pizza!

 Driving back to the house, Remy kept talking about the 'fire' in the sky!
The sun/moon...can't remember which one it was...was RED...there were fires burning around California...and the smoke, I guess, definitely gave us a RED sun/moon.

I told Remy to wake me up the next morning!  
I'm loving making the rounds to see all these little men and their parents!

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