Thursday, January 12, 2017

Christmas afternoon

Christmas afternoon

It was a gorgeous most days were,
so off to the pier/beach we went.
 We started off walking along the pier...

 Perfect for Christmas!
The Star of Bethlehem

 No need for this sign!
This guy absolutely does NOT look very friendly!
 The boys found these...are they a form of telescope?
They cost a quarter.  Benjamin was curious who got the money.
Interesting question.  We talked about who probably paid money to who.  The telescope people to the people who run the pier?  The people who run the pier to the city?  
I don't know, but great question.
 I was going to ask my little men what they could how much did it zoom in...

 Walt was feeling left out.
 I got distracted from my question watching Emerson and Emily!
 Um?  I wonder if Emily said 'Cheese!'

 oops...someone is a little short to see...
 Benjamin and Emerson
 Benjamin, Emerson, and William
 I love this!
 From the pier, we walked along the beach and there was a play area.
 Some played, some sat...

  Walt played!
 Emerson and Gabe started playing catch...

 Walt decided to join the game...well, at least walk through it.

 I love this one!
 Emily decided she best come watch the runner!

 He was very interested in going to the water.
Emily was very interested in him NOT going to the water.

 Donnie and William came down with another football to join in.

 Here comes Linz!
 and then we had the observers...

 and the sand-player...

 Emerson checked out a slide...
 while his dad gave him a push or two...
Papa loved this VW...he actually wanted me to take a picture of him next to it.
A few of us convinced him not this was it.
We decided to head back home...and when we got to the steps, well, Walt came out of the stroller.  Actually, I don't think we had put him in it yet.  
No problem.
He just started right up...and went all the way to the top!
Mr. Walter is a bullet!
Thalia led the way back to the car!

What a beautiful day at the beach!

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Anonymous said...

What a fun Christmas.. you were right Grute, those shoes are sweet!