Saturday, January 07, 2017

Christmas Eve

Heading to UJ's (that would be Uncle Joshua!) at night was Lindsey, Donnie, Benjamin, and William.
They got there a little before 1 a.m., so technically, it was Christmas Eve!
The boys were enjoying the tree...
examining the packages...
adding there's to the mix.

After going to bed about 2:30 a.m., when everyone was up and moving around, they were back to the tree to see who the packages were for. 
In the midst of this, I got a text from Gabe and Emily that they were just over the Grapevine...
heading this way!
They snapped this photo of Emerson!

 Benjamin and William were looking forward to Emerson and Walt arriving...
as we all were!

Blu was in there, hoping he had something under the tree, too.  (He didn't)

It was the beginning of Christmas Eve!

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