Sunday, January 29, 2017

Walt on January 20, 2017

 Walt is hilarious!
He LOVES to wear one shoe...just one.  
I wish I had kept count on how many times he would bring me a shoe, then plop himself down for me to put it on.  Up he'd go, running around with one shoe on.
A little later, he'd sit down and try to pull it off.
I'd take it off for him, if he didn't get it off.
Back he'd come with another shoe, just one, for me to put on.

Now sometimes, he'll have on two shoes, but not necessarily from the same pair.
 He's become a little teaser.
He would be eating something, like a cheerio.  He'd eat a couple, then hand one to me, and when I opened my mouth, he'd yank it away!
 Here, he was teasing me with his peanut butter sandwich.

I also saw shades of his big brother.  He was smiling, pointing, teasing...and all of a sudden...
 he lunged towards the camera with a silly face!
Emerson, Jr.
This was another night of not wanting to go to sleep....
Gabe had put him to bed...he had fallen asleep in Gabe's arms, and as soon as Gabe put him in bed, he woke up and after him screaming for a good while,
he got him up.  Gabe was holding him and this is what happened.  LIMP..
sound asleep...
but guess what?
He didn't stay asleep...Gabe put him back in bed...and he started screaming again...
until Emily and Emerson came home from bowling.

Emily nursed sleep..
bathed him... no sleep...
it was midnight once again before he crashed...
and then he slept until 9:45 the next morning!


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